Welcome to poeticdialogues.com, the home of Poetic Dialogues 2.0
This project is constituted by several flash movies made with the prototype of the first wristwatch camera. Each flash movie has a sequence of images taken 'frame by frame' of people reciting a verse that I previously wrote. So, even when I employed a sophisticated machine to create this work, the making process is based in the most basic principle of film making. 

When you enter the project you will see 3 different faces that establish a dialogue between them. The interaction among the characters produces a poem. Also, the number of different poems/combinations increases periodically. Right now you can obtain hundreds of poems. 

The action of using a a watch to create dynamic poems has its precedent in one of my previous works called ‘the poetic clock’, a machine that converts time into poetry which generates 86.400 different poems daily.

Other works related to Poetic Dialogues 2.0 are the ArtBoom and Digital Digits.

Poetic Dialogues 2.0 has its conceptual roots in a work titled Poetic Dialogues 1.0, which is a 2001 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site and was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation. Poetic Dialogues 1.0 can be viewed at Turbulence.